Fashion Forward: Emerging Trends from International Runways

Fashion Forward: Emerging Trends from International Runways

As the fashion industry continues to change and evolve each season, the theme at this year’s international runways has been one that celebrates change – change that’s at the very heart of modern fashion. Dubbed ‘Fashion Forward’, this year’s trend report examines emerging trends from the world’s most stylish runways – from Milan to London and right up to Tokyo. From mustard coats to oversized jumpsuits, find out what’s on the must-have list for the upcoming season.

1. Catwalk Styles: Taking Inspiration from the World’s Finest

As the fashion industry continues to grow, trends that are constantly changing mean that catwalk styles are taking their inspiration from the world’s finest fashion garments. The art of creating unique and timeless pieces is a skill that not all designers possess, so it’s down to the designers to bring their own flair and creative touch to ensure the industry stays in continuous motion.

  • Ultra Minimalism: Simplicity and minimalism continue to be a trend on the catwalks. Neutral colours dominate, along with soft materials like silk and seersucker, and simple fitted cuts.
  • Tailored Menswear: Taking inspiration from the elegance of the English gentleman, structured suits with a masculine form emerged on the catwalks. Box shoulders, military blazers matched with wide-leg trousers and overcoats that look like they have been made from wool, as seen in Dolce & Gabbana’s shows, are making a statement in the fashion industry.
  • Shine and Sparkle: Receive a warm welcome on the catwalk this season with lab-created gems and sequins that are set to present an eye-catching showcase of sparkles and glamour in a range of showstopping outfits.

Designers have also been known to take their inspiration from various different cultures, use of bright patterns and fabrics that gives energy to the catwalk show. Colourful, kaleidoscopic prints and vibrant colours explode on the runway as vibrant hues of oranges, yellows and blues are seen in H&M’s show or on Dior’s catwalks.

The influence of these sensational styles can be seen in everyday fashion for both the out-and-about individual or the homebody, no matter what style you prefer. It is proof that fashion is always changing and that the trends can be taken and adopted into our daily wardrobe, whatever the occasion.

Fashion has long been an influential driver of global change. From the iconic rock ‘n’ roll style of the 50s to the edgy street fashion of the 90s, each era’s style has served as a marker of the times. As the world gradually moves towards an environmentally conscious age, fashion is leading the way by showcasing sustainable, ethical and cruelty-free trends on the runways. Here are a few changes that are revolutionising the industry:

  • Organic Fibers – An increasing number of luxury houses have taken on the aim of utilizing organic materials. This can range from organic cotton, linen, and hemp to recycled wool, all of which are more sustainable than their counterparts.
  • Slow Fashion – Making a move away from the traditional ‘fast fashion’ model, luxury brands are now striving to create pieces that are timeless and long lasting, while also being earth-friendly.
  • Vegan-Friendly – We’re seeing more and more designer labels featuring vegan-friendly collections made from synthetic leathers and alternative fabrics. These cruelty-free pieces demonstrate the acceptance of the compassionate lifestyle.

No longer are global styles and trends completely detached from the preferences of leading fashion houses. Instead, sustainability and eco-friendliness are gradually penetrating the core of all the iconic runway shows. As a result, people are dressing for the cause and are taking pride in dressing ethically.

The upcoming FW 21 season is sure to bring with it a number of revamped elements, all of which are subtly setting a tone for the times to come. With increased focus on sustainability and eco-friendly clothing, we’re more likely to see a new wave of interesting trends on the runways. Even with all the uncertainties that are clouding our future, we can rest assured that fashion will continue to empower people to make conscientious changes.

3. Completing the Avant Garde Look: Embodying the Latest Craze from Head to Heel

Recent fashion trends have seen the Avant Garde look become all the rage, and it isn’t difficult to achieve; this look is based on combining a few classic pieces in a dynamic and creative way, creating something fresh and unique. Whether you’re heading to a formal event or just want to brighten up a Friday night party ensemble, these tips will help you build an edgy yet wearable outfit.

  • Start at the Head – add a hint of glamorous drama with an embellished headpiece. From beaded headbands to tiny light-weight jewels, you can go as bold or subtle as your style allows.
  • Get the Right Top – it’s time to be daring! Fur coats, oversized t-shirts, lingerie-inspired pieces; this look isn’t afraid of experimenting with silhouettes.
  • Pick your Bottoms – keep it playful with a lively pleated skirt or go for a leather look with skinny trousers. Layering your clothing will help you create the perfect balance.
  • Footwear Rules – chunky boots or statement heels, the choice is yours. Platforms, studs, and glitter are all welcomed additions to the Avant Garde ensemble.

Accessories are the cherry on top when completing the Avant Garde look, your choices are just as important as the clothing items you pick. Statement earrings, silk scarves, and bold jewelry are all excellent ways to add a flamboyant twist. Other details such as bright lipsticks, thick black eyeliners, and unconventional hairstyles should also be considered; these elements should complement the clothing you’ve chosen to create a polished and memorable look.

The Avant Garde look is a perfect way to express yourself and stand out from the crowd, so don’t forget to channel those inner rebellious vibes! With the right clothing and a few choice extras, you’ll be walking down the streets in style in no time.

With every new fashion season comes a new wave of trends. As 2018 continues, the fashion world will surely surprise us with innovative trends from the world’s most iconic runways. Stay fashion-forward!


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