Nature-Inspired Fashion: Embracing Earth’s Colors and Textures in Your Looks

Nature-Inspired Fashion: Embracing Earth’s Colors and Textures in Your Looks

As the world outside our windows continues to be filled with vibrant colors, shapes, and textures, bringing some of that beauty indoors can be especially enjoyable. Nature-inspired fashion embraces earth’s colors and textures, and makes for fashionable and unique looks that can give your wardrobe a little something extra. Read on to find out more about how you can incorporate nature into your style!

1. Exploring Colours and Textures from Nature

is a great way to diversify your wardrobe. With earth tones such as browns, tans, deep greens, and light blues, you’ll be able to find something to fit any style. You’ll also be able to discover unique accents to add to any outfit.

Know your Textures When picking fabrics from nature, it’s important to know the different textures to choose from. Thick cotton, silky linen, soft suede, and rigid denim are all examples of fabrics you can use in your wardrobe. You can even look for unique combinations to add even more interest to your clothes.

Bring the Outdoors in Using earth tones not only looks great in an outfit, it ventures into all realms of fashion. From suits to everyday clothes, these tones will never go out of style. They’ll add warmth to the room and a comforting feeling you won’t get from any man-made material.

  • Velvets with gold highlights
  • Turquoise stones embedded in jewelry
  • Soft leather accents on shoes
  • Warm-colored knits that can be used for any season

Choose Wisely When picking out fabrics for an outfit, you’ll want to choose fabrics that are made of natural fabrics. Not only do they have a higher quality but they also tend to last a lot longer than man-made fabrics. You’ll get more bang for your buck and you’ll have an outfit that you’ll be able to wear for many years.

2. Connecting with the Earth Through Fashion

When people think of eco-friendly fashion, many think of dull and uninteresting clothing. However, there is so much potential to explore with connecting Earth consciousness and fashion. Earth-friendly clothing does not have to be boring or unimaginative.

For starters, incorporating natural materials like organically sourced cotton, hemp, linen, and wool are the perfect palette for creating manipulating fabrics and finding color combinations that are visually pleasing. Natural dyes can help create unique designs that exude an individual’s own personal style.

In addition, clothing made from plant-based materials can make for beautiful and comfortable pieces. Clothes made from sustainable materials like bamboo or soy can add an extra durability, and maintaining its vibrant color palette over time.

Slow fashion is another way to explore eco-friendly fashion. This guiding principle suggests that quality over quantity is the key to creating garments that are made to last. Purchasing pieces from local artisans, who carefully crafters garments can ensure that your clothing is:

  • Unique: thoughtfully designed with a specific pattern, texture, or design
  • Timeless: ageless pieces that can be worn for a long time
  • Eco-Friendly: made of natural materials with sustainable production processes

So while we can be mindful of what we wear and understand that the way we shop can make an impact, we can also understand that fashion and a sense of personal style doesn’t have to be sacrificed for responsible and conscious buying. We don’t have to choose between wearing unique and stylish clothing while maintaining a sense of responsibility in our purchases.

3. Modernizing Nature-Inspired Styles

The beauty of nature has been an inspiration for countless generations of fashionistas, and this has held true for centuries. But the way people approach natural-inspired styles today can look quite a bit different when compared to its predecessors. Rather than simply replicating existing nature-based looks, modern fashionistas often opt to put a contemporary spin on these timeless aesthetics.

Adopting Old Fashions to New Styles Nature-inspired looks often focus around traditional prints and patterns, such as leopard print, florals, and paisley. The modern spin on these styles takes the existing motifs and updates them in subtle ways. Textures can be elevated with metallic accents, while worn countryside looks can be upgraded to posh city trends. The traditional has been reimagined to fit the present — creating a whole new set of must-haves for daring fashionistas to experiment with.

Playing with Prints and Patterns Patterns and prints remain an integral part of modern nature-inspired fashion. Floral designs are a longstanding trend, but today they come adorned with bright color palettes, abstract shapes, and more. There is a kaleidoscope of options to choose from, giving fashionistas a plethora of looks to try. Take additional cues from the natural world with animal prints, zebra stripes, and intricate bird-inspired designs.

These elements combined push modern nature-inspired fashions to a higher level. Embroidery, appliques, and embellishments can create even more sophisticated accents. Versatile fashions such as these offer options to dress up or dress down an ensemble. Additionally, the traditionally earthy colors can be brought up to date with something a bit edgier — like an unexpected pop of electric blue.

Bringing Nature-Inspired Styles into 2020 Undoubtedly, nature-inspired styles will remain a source of fascination and inspiration for generations to come. But modern fashionistas are pushing the boundaries of how these looks are viewed and interpreted. Our task is to take these timeless motifs and conservative design elements and adapt them for the current times — and create something beautiful that will outlast today’s trends.

4. Embracing Earth’s Finest in Your Wardrobe

When it comes to fashion choices, embracing Earth’s finest resources is the way to go. Whether it’s linen from flax plants, wool from sheep, organic cotton, or hemp, all are sustainable options for dressing.

Like a work of art, each natural fiber can turn an everyday wardrobe into something special. With dyed or woven patterns, creating a unique style is easy. Plus, clothing made with natural fibers also carry soft nuances that set them apart from their synthetic alternatives.

  • Linen: Light, airy, and breathable fabric, perfect for hot summer days. A slight wrinkling effect creates a relaxed, effortless look.
  • Wool: Versatile and timeless option, great for transitional seasons. Woolen textures exude the feel of luxury.
  • Organic Cotton: Soft and strong, a great fabric for winter season. Long lasting and dye-friendly, organic cotton is perfect for snug sweaters.
  • Hemp: Durable and waterproof fabric, almost ultraviolet light resistant. Hemp materials don’t stretch or fade easily.

Fashion doesn’t have to come at the price of the earth’s wellbeing. By opting for natural materials, not only are you taking the fashionable route but also the eco-friendly one. Earth-friendly fabrics are breathable, comfortable, fashionable, and are gentle on your skin. Strike the perfect balance between the environment and fashion and put your best look forward.

Nature-inspired fashion is the ultimate intersection of ecological intelligence and human creativity. Whether you’re aspiring for a modern take on an outdoor ensemble or a more fashionable and urban look, be inspired by the beauty of the Earth – there’s something for every style. From vibrant shades of green to the tactile textures of wood, embrace the elements of nature and express your individuality through fashion.


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